Recycle, Reduce, Re-Use
Free E-waste Pick-up
For Auburn Presbyterian Church
Youth Programs
Pick-up (no unattended drop-off please)
by appointment Mon – Sat.

We accept almost anything with a plug on it & Including donations.
No Charge for: TVs & Monitors of all types, desktop and notebook computers, and printer ink.  (Disk drives will be securely shredded by CEAR corp.)
We currently request a donation of 22 cents per pound * on most other items including:
VCRs, stereo equipment, speakers, keyboards, mice, PDAs, digital cameras, zip drives, telephones, cell phones, printers, copiers, networking equipment, scanners & fax machines.  Microwave ovens charged at $8 each unit.  ( * This is our cost which changes with market conditions.  Our youth fund does not make money on these items.)

We also accept ink cartridges.

We cannot accept:
Appliances with refrigerant such as refrigerators & air conditioners, solar panels, light bulbs, non-electronic furniture, hazardous household waste, including: fluorescent light bulbs, LED bulbs, smoke/CO detectors, Christmas light strands, paint, pesticides, used oil, cleaning supplies, tires, etc.
For smaller or distant loads, you can help with our volunteer time and gas costs by asking friends & neighbors for additional items before scheduling.  Pickup in the greater Auburn area is available if you contact the Auburn Presbyterian Church at 530-823-3916. 

And PLEASE,… California law requires us to record street addresses on items collected in order for us to be paid.  NO UNATTENDED DROP-OFF is allowed.  Drop-off without our knowledge is illegal dumping and this ongoing clean-up cost is a drain on our hard earned youth funds.

For specifics on our youth programs funded by e-waste please visit
WWW.GOAPC.ORG and look under ministries.